i'm sarcastic and i like
running and yoga.
(edit: i don't really do either of these that much? woops)
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Smile, breathe and go slowly - Thich Nhat Hanh 
Emerald Lake, British Columbia 
"Right before you head out running, it can be hard to remember exactly why you’re doing it. You often have to override a nagging sense of futility, lacing up your shoes, telling yourslef that no matter how unlikely it seems right now, after you finish you will be glad you went. It’s only afterward that it makes sense, although even then it’s hard to rationalize why. You just feel right. After a run, you feel at one with the world, as though some unspecified, innate need has been fulfilled."
Adharanand Finn, (via isensearunner)


focus within

Anton Krupicka, my biggest idol

redwoods trails

This is a ridiculously powerful picture.
reblog this twice, to make sure you really see it.
"Don’t practice till you get it right, practice till you can’t get it wrong."
McKayla Rose Maroney, London 2012 Summer Olympic Champion (via jowiebs)

(via dillonallen)

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